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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

To be sure, to be sure !

Dia Dhuit

Welcome back !

I got some pretty exciting news last night, we are going to Dublin from the 29th to the 31st of July ! The awesome team at The Central Hotel have welcomed Maxi, Gonzo & myself with open arms. 
We are really looking forward to getting into some Irish culture by having a cold pint and some delicious tucker at their award winning bar called The ExchequerIf you're in the area please pop by and say hello. Maxi could definitely use some help with his Irish slang and we'd love to meet as many locals as possible.
While in Dublin were also gonna check out Dundrum Shopping Centre, I hear its only a wee little place !?! We are also hoping to check out the Irish illusionist Keith Barry's show. I've heard he is a bit of a brain hacker ? I hope he doesn't try and hack into Troy's brain. It might take him a while to find it !!!

The packing has begun and from all reports I'm gonna need sun screen, hoodie and raincoat. Sounds like the British weather is throwing out a little from column A and a little from column B ! Is there anything else you think we might need? Do you guys make size large ear mittens over there? Wouldn't want the 2 satellite dishes hanging off the sides of Maxi's head to freeze off !

A few of thank you's as this may be my last post before it all begins Sunday !

Owl Marketing

Virgin Atlantic

Travel Sim

I also wanna thank my Irish friend, Aislinn for the helpful information about Ireland. She just arrived down under, living & working in Sydney & a certainty to end up in back packers rip or doing a nudie run on the NYD episode of Bondi Rescue !

Last but not least, I wanted to thank every one of you for taking the time to give us advice on places to go, people to see or things to be careful of (ie: Spanish pick pocketer's). I really do read all your comments and wish I could reply to everyone.

Still some more planning for the UK leg but I'll be keeping you up to date from the road !

Slán go fóill!


  1. Hahaha where did you lean that irish from?

  2. Hey we'll definately come say hi! You'll have to honor the dublin custom of jumping off forty foot (its forty foot deep) in Dun Laoghaire! Its tradition!

    We would love to show you around county Wicklow if you like, its the "garden of Ireland" - just let us know!! xxx


  3. Hey :)!
    Hope you guys have a safe flight and lots of fun! I'm in Scotland so i'll be waiting to hear if you're coming here! If not me and my friends are taking a road trip! Haha.
    So even though you might not be near me I'm excited to hear about everything you guys get up to and some more accents from Maxi haha.
    Have a safe journey!
    Lorna x

  4. Morning! Loving the blogs - looking forward to the tales you will have to tell!
    I'm a London gal, been here 16 years, know some great places for you to visit, some off the beaten track, one of which is to take a boat called the Clipper from near Westminster (Embankment Pier), and it takes in all the sights from the Thames: London Eye, Parliament, Southbank, Festival Hall, Shakespears Globe, Millenium Bridge, Tower Bridge and Castle, London Bridge, Greenwich, Canary Wharf and you end up at the O2. Its a commuter Cattermeran, very nice and cheap as! Just a thought.
    Will wait til your UK itinerary is more final - know some top pubs!
    Take care, safe travels and London looks forward to saying hi to you all!!
    Amanda (Westminster, London) x :-)

  5. Sounds awesome! Hope you all have a fantastic trip!

  6. should help ye out

  7. When your in Dublin, you need to go to Howth. It's an awesome panninsula. its beautiful. It's about 25 mins by train from where you are staying. There is an awesome secret beach hidden in the cliffs called "Pirates Cove" you guys would love it. You wouldnt find it without the help of a local though :) Your best day to come to Howth is a Sunday when on the markets are on and there is a bit of buzz. It's a fishing village so lots of awesome seafood restruants. Just google 'Howth'. :)

    Aisling (Dublin)

  8. yay! can't wait to see you guys :D i'll definitley buy you guys a pint in the bar ;) guiness all round? :P

    oh and make sure to say 'Pog mo hon" (pronounced powg mo hone) to everyone you meet ;) trust me, they will be very impressed ;)

  9. hey when you get to north devon,you have to have a 'hockings' ice-cream,it is real ice cream,and you get clotted cream and a cadburys flake in it,its the yummiest ice cream around but not for the faint hearted or those on a diet,lol...also a 'devon' pasty a little similar to the 'cornish' pasty but much tastier. i hear you will be hitting saunton sands and croyde aswell as bideford, where will you be staying for the evenings whilst in devon as i know there are many a lady here that would like to buy a feela's a bevie.... a bit of devon lingo for you.... 'gert' means 'big', 'vity' means 'good/a job well done', 'frauzee' means 'fancifull' like treating your self to a cake or something. people from the other parts of the uk think we talk like farmers too,but it varies lol....your certain to love it here!!! x

  10. Hope you have a great time In England, hope to catch up if your anywhere near Thurrock Essex

  11. heya bud i know u guys coming to brighton and could u pop over to eastbourne man we are a voluntary lifeguards in eastbourne like your clubys but in the uk would be nice for you guys to come seee a uk club :) email me at if u wanna chat or wanna know anything about the south :)

  12. When you get to Dublin you have go to Flennerys bar on Camden Street. its a great bar, I used to drink there all the time before i moved to Melbourne! People from all over the country drink in there not just the locals


  13. Because you guys are being "dragged away" from your girlies, make sure you bring hot water bottles. Will give you something warm to cuddle up to when the weather turns bad? lol Doesn't look like your coming to the North West, but I hope you all have a great time with plenty of fun memories for the future xx

  14. I stayed at that Hotel in April. Definately the place to stay if you want to go out and party.Its in a noisy area so if you want an early night your in the wrong place!
    The exchequer Bar does a great espresso martini (amongst a good range of cocktails)and we had a great japanese meal at a place that was really near by, i think opposite...

    You have to go on a Viking Splash tour, so much fun. You can find them on facebook too.

    Have Fun!

  15. Your going to need some midgie spray if your visiting the west coast of Scotland. They're late in appearing this year so they are extra hungry for some Aussie blood!
    Fact of the day: Did you know it's only the female midge that bites? They will bleed you dry ;)

    Happy packing and safe travels x

  16. Hey if you guys get tired of Dublin you could always make the 3hr drive to West Cork to enjoy the Courtmacsherry Harbour Festival :)
    Best of luck on your travels lads

  17. I was so excited to hear that you're coming as near as Sweden! I was planning that I could come and say hi but then I noticed that I'm going to a summer camp at the same day.. damn! :( Just let me know if you're coming to Finland ;) and hey thanks for this great blog Reidy!

  18. I cant wait to see you guys - I dont have much information for you about the trip but I am really excited. Unfortunatly I live the furthest away from the sea you can get in england :( - but I'll still drive to see you. I think its great that you are coming, so thank you :) xxx have a safe journey xx

  19. you guys should check out temple bar while you're in Dublin!

  20. Wohoo delighted to hear you are definitely coming to Dublin. You will be greeted with "Cead Mile Failte"'s hopefully i will get to be one of the welcoming committee and teach Maxi how to say Potatoe right or my personal favourite i'm always asked to say when i'm in Oz "Three Hundred & Thirty Three & a Third". But if i dont see you all i'll say is i hope you have the "craic"!! ;-)

  21. Don't know how much spare time you will have but in North Devon I would deffo say try to visit lynton / lynmouth and the valley of the rocks a rather impressive landmark!
    If you guys have a sweet tooth + get peckish on your travels down to / back from North Devon my Mother has a rather good reputation for AWESOME cakes and would be more than happy to bake a poper english selection to pass on to you all when your down here or somewhere along the A361 ;) wishing you all a super trip + travel safely. Sam x

  22. neva mind dublin u need 2 head 2 the west of ireland where there is fantastic beaches and coastline which have become a favourite for surfers all over the country and abroad

  23. Dublin?? No waves there....Kerry or Sligo for surf & scenery :-)

  24. Lads ye should really think of coming to the west of Ireland, where ye can see Ireland's true beauty " stone walls and the grass is green" and " rolling costal waters". Ye should travel to Achill, Irelands largests island and experience a totally different lifestyle and to finish the day off an evening surf on Keel beach in Achill.... ! :)

  25. So glad you're coming when I'm back from holidays!! I will be there!!! Have a great time on your travels, see you guys soon!! :) x

  26. I agree wit Aisling, Howth is fab and lots of bit and there is even scuba diving. yea it would be colder than you are use too but its an experience. You should try the Guinness Store just up from Temple Bar. Defo worth a visit and get your free glass of the black stuff. Try one of the tour buses, hop on and off, and you will see lots. Temple bar is great for night life so you will have a blast.

  27. Hi guys,
    It's fantastic that you are coming over the water to Ireland. I'm glad you're going to Dublin, it's the capital and all and a great place to visit, but it's not the real Ireland. As lots have already said, the west is where it's at. Ireland is a country famed for it's wild, beautiful scenery and you'd have to get out of Dublin to see that. By the way I was born in England so I'm an impartial guide, (well sort of, I do live in the west, so I'd like a shorter drive to see you!!). The scenery in Connacht and Munster is unrivaled with some of the best beaches and surf, lakes and mountains, along with some great pubs. And to top it off, how about a visit to the fabled Thomond Park in Limerick, what Aussie wouldn't want to visit the home of Munster rugby and the real home of Irish rugby? OK, I've done my bit for the west...well I had to try ha ha.
    By the way as someone who grew up in England, you'll love it. London is London and a fantastic place to visit, but I'd say you guys will really fall in love with Devon and the South West. Be sure and have some of the clotted cream, either in an ice cream or in a Devonshire cream tea, which is basically a scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream mmm mmm mmm. Just forget about your healthy diets. Oh and try some of the great ciders, much stronger than they have on tap in the cities. Safe journey guys, enjoy everything, and I may hopefully get to see you in Dublin.
    Love Fee

  28. Delighted you guys are coming to Ireland, just hope the weather improves some bit.. You should definately take a trip down to Cork, the place is beautiful especially west Cork where the scenery is amazing. If you decide to venture away from the capital thats the place to be. Hope you guys have a brillant time :) Safe journey and enjoy..


  29. Omg I can't belive you guys are coming over on that date my friends are bringing me to Dublin for my birthday on the 30th and it would be so cool if I got to meet you guys!!!! :D. Lauren x

  30. Sure feck Dublin, you have to go to Cork!
    It's the most beautiful place in the world and the people are just lovely. It's a 3 hour journey by train but it's 100% worth it.
    You could spend weeks there and still wouldn't have seen all of west Cork.
    April, Sligo.

  31. I think ye should come to Galway :)
    Ye would learn loads of irish slang down the west scan :P
    Defo going to try and see ye :D

  32. Guys Dublin is great and all, but the west is where all the crack is. Come to Kerry we've got great blue flag beaches, some pretty sweet surfing spots and a culture that will blow your mind away. We are the kingdom after all and the true Irish culchies! If you do decide to come down, inch Banna and castlegregory are 3 awesome beaches worth checking out! Tralee dingle, Killarney an kenmare are great towns with a good nightlife too. Also while in Dublin make sure ye visit croke park home of the GAA. It's an amazing place!
    Cant wait for the trip,
    Best of luck!

  33. Ye should head west for the Galway Races it's on for a week and it's the best craic even if you never see a horse :)

  34. Haha I love this picture is nice to see you guys green and just maxi's hand normal lol when you come to England you should paint yourselves red and white :D (Y) x

  35. Wat time r u gonna b in dundrum shoppin centre??