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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Massive day in the mountains

What a massive day we had in manchester yesterday. Starting out at Alphin Pike in Manchester with the Bald Hiker, Paul Steele and 10 others that through Owl Marketing on Twitter got the opportunity to come along. We wondered up to the base of the mountain before taking a hard right and straight u the hill. Maxi and Troy desperate to see the top bolted while Paul and I just cruised with the rest and just enjoyed the amazing views. Once at the top we took a team photo and walked along the ridge taking in the beautiful scenery of greater Manchester. Paul was such a legend, always happy to help anyone in need or answer questions about the area that has made him so famous. Thanks everyone that came along on the day, you were all very friendly and talkative. It was nice to get to know you all a little.

After a hike like that you always end up with a thirst that can only be quenched by a big british ale so weren't we lucky there was a micro brewery at the foot of the mountain. Greenfield Real Ale Brewery welcomed us with open arms and a big pint. They gave us a quick little tour explaining their brewing process then we pulled a few. An ale is supposed to be drunk at room temperature which isn't very normal for me but it wasn't to heavy and I really enjoyed it. Cheers guys !

We then move up to the 300yr old Cross Keys pub for lunch and cake. A wonderful woman named Debra Dawkins and her daughter Gabi had baked us a special cake to celebrate our relationship with Owl Marketing and the trip to the UK. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and I can totally see why it to took 4 days to make. If you want to see more of Debra's amazing creations check out her website here. Thank you very much ladies, delicious !

Also located at the Cross keys pub is 1 of the station houses for Oldham Mountain Rescue Team. This is where we would meet Mick, Mick is a builder by trade but in his spare time he saves people lost or hurt in the wilderness around his area. Mick and his mates in the OMRT do what they do because they have a love for nature and helping people. We spent the first 15mins watching an educational DVD on how the team came about and what it is they actually do. We then ventured out with teams from all over the area to take part in a very serious training drill. The expertise of all to these brave men and women just blew us all away. They are a well drilled team of multi skilled humans that don't enjoy regular hobbies such as Golf, Stamp collecting, Fishing or Lawn bowls. These legendary Mountaineers like to scale crazy heights, spend nights searching hill sides or even years training their amazing search and rescue dogs all because when the sh*t its the fan out in the mountains there is always going to be a chance you or I might make it. After Troy and Maxi completed a crossing of the valley on a rope pulley system we headed back to the station to enjoy a beer and talk story with them all. Some of the stuff these guys have been involved in had me gob smacked and I could of sat their all night listening to them. Unfortunately it was 10:30pm and I needed toothpicks to keep eyes open from all of todays action. The photos are probably a little hard to see so make sure you watch the video at the bottom !

Bright and early we set off for London town, none of us have ever been there before so we were ready to rock and/or roll ! 2hr Virgin train later and we arrive to 28degrees and sunny skies. Where is all this rain people are always whinging about ??? We're staying with the crew at Generator Hostels. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Very glad to be calling this place home for the next 5 days.

London ere we come aye !

See ya laaaater Geezers


  1. HaHaHa great pics, have a fab time in london, leave some beer for me coz im there 2 days after u leave! :P

  2. great to meet you all and would like you to all stay in the UK as its been sunny since you got here!!!

    Deb & Gabi.

  3. hey u!!!!! Wheres Hoppo disappeared to?? xx

  4. hey guys.... hope u had an awesome time in London..... I live near there. Ummm if i was to send a letter to u guys in the tower would i send it to the tower at bondi beach, australia???? xxxxxx