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Monday, 1 August 2011

Wale of a time !

The last night in Dublin our taste buds went to heaven thanks to legendary restauranteur Joe Macken. Joe owns Jo Burger in Dublin but on this occasion it was his pop up chicken restaurant called Crack Bird ! Crack bird has 60 seats in total and serves for 12-hours a day, seven days a week for 12 weeks. If your a tweeter then the added bonus is you can score yourself the greatest fried chicken meal you've ever had. All you need to do is follow @CrackBIRDdublin on Twitter and book a reservation using the hash tag #tweetseats. If successful you'll find yourself at the receiving end of a free main course, shared side and shared dip, per person on your first visit. The restaurant will have six free sittings (in groups of six people) every two hours for the twelve weeks, with the remaining 54 seats available to paying customers. Can someone please open one up in Bondi, P P Please !!!

Not wanting the flavour of Crack Bird chicken to ever leave my mouth I have decided to never brush my teeth. Thats okay isn't it ? After dinner we cruised back to The Exchequer to have a pint and hang out with the staff. They are the friendliest group of people I've ever met and totally made our short stay in Dublin. Thanks guys... We then headed out to Templebar to check out the night life... Blah, Blah, Blah... Next thing the phone rings and its my wake up call from reception. We were off again, this time by boat, destination Wales. Irish Ferries go from Dublin, Ireland to Holy head, Wales in about 3hrs. It was nice to just kick back, listen to tunes and stare at the horizon.

Walking out of the port at Holy Head we were met with lots of cloud and light rain but the sun came out when we ran into the pretty smile of the Jessie. Jessie had come to welcome us to her pretty little town. She mentioned ferry traffic can be crazy therefore taking a taxi would be a costly affair and offered to drive us to Trearddur Bay in her little car. After solving the rubix cube that was getting 3 very large bags, 3 back packs, 1 box and 4 humans into a 2 door hatch back car with some of Jessies work stuff in it we were off to the bay. Jessie took the back roads and got us there in the blink of an eye. Thanks a lot Jessie, we owe you big time !

Once there we met with the ever so lovely Liz from Owl Marketing and some people that had come to see us. We took a few photos and signed a couple of books. Was really great to meet and chat to some locals about how nice this place is. From there we went into the RNLI Lifeboat station where we talked about what they do and got to check out all their cool toys and equipment. These guys and girls are volunteers and are fully funded by donations. They are on call 24hrs a day using a paging system to be called in when there is an emergency in their area of coastline. There get called out by the coast guard between 50-70 times a year and have been involved in some very serious rescues over the years. It was great to talk story and look at the pictures and paper clippings in their photo album. They really are an awesome & brave bunch of men and women giving up their time to help people in need. Was also pretty cool to check out the brand new £250,000 lifeboat that Prince William christened a little while ago, check it out here.

Time got the better of us and we were late for lunch with Prince Willy at his favourite watering hole, The White Eagle. Now the rumor getting around is "You should never keep a prince waiting" and boy they weren't wrong. Apparently he was not very impressed by our tardiness and left before we got there. All was not lost and we still chowed down on some delicious Welsh tucker while looking out over the very picturesque Threddur Bay. It was definitely a place fit for a soon to be king.

After Dublin my liver needed a break so we had a very easy night in front of the TV, Antique Roadshow was on so it didn't take long for the eyelids to peel over. After a nice sleep in it was time to do some training, we trekked it by train into Manchester Aquatic centre for a pool session. Its the pool Australia won 26 Gold medals in in the Commonwealth games in 2002 so we we were feeling a little pressure to perform.

We then jumped a double decker bus and headed up to Piccadilly. Its a really nice part of Manchester with loads of food and shopping areas. There was even a fountain where kids were playing around and enjoying the warm weather. Hoping to get the better of Maxi i double dared him to walk through while they were off, secretly hoping they turn back on full blast and soak him. Lets just say he got lucky, very lucky. 


All is set for big day tomorrow starting at 12pm, heading into the mountains with the legendary Bald Hiker, Paul Steele. From there we are going for a tour of the Greenfield Brewery. Quick afternoon tea then we're spending the afternoon/evening with the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team. Rumour has it they may be using us as patients in a training exercise on top of a very big mountain. Lets just say Gonzo isn't very excited ! 

In other excellent news, we booked our flight to Edinburgh, Scotland today, getting in on the 8th. Hoppo, Maxi, Gonzo & I don't really have any solid plans as of yet but with the Fringe Festival going on I'm sure we wont get to bored. If you have something out of the ordinary that you think we would like, feel free to shoot me en email at: . Thanks to everyone that offered to put us up, especially the women that said they would throw their partners out on the street for a couple of days, very funny stuff. It really is much appricated. Kirsty, your a star !

As for London, arrive on the 3rd and are staying in the city centre at a hostel. We have media commitments on the mornings of the 4rd and 5th but will try and organise a way to say hello to everyone that has asked on one of those afternoons. 

Have a great day !



  1. Haha thanks guys :) hope the rest of the trip is fab :) p.s. i look such a short arse in that pic x

  2. Love reading about your adventures: you're having a great time...but you haven't been to Cornwall yet!! Keep writing...

  3. download the edinburgh fringe app for all the latest on the festival. i highly recomend a walk up arthurs seat and the dungeons tour but if you want a real scottish experience come to glasgow and loch lommond!!

  4. If your ever bored in Edinburgh go to the Edinburgh Dungeons its a great laugh :D just went there a couple of weeks ago.

  5. I think u should goto loch ness or loch morlich n do some wind surfing

  6. Don't go to the Dungeons - its the same everywhere! Go on an Edinburgh ghost tour around the old town and down into the vaults of Edinbugh!Arthurs seat, royal mile, castle all essential! George St for some yummy cocktails!