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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Week 3, and rolling on.

As the days start to roll into weeks my 12 week body transformation is coming along nicely. The routine of eating healthy and training consistently is getting easier and easier. Like Mish Bridges says:


I have had another successful week in the weights room, Shift 60 and in the swimming pool. My body is feeling stronger and my mind clear !

Now thinking about everything above it made me wonder why I ever actually eat crap food? Why do I get lazy and not feel like training? Im no rocket scientist but I have sailed the weight loss sea enough to know there is nothing gained out of letting yourself go. You lose self esteem, feel like crap all the time and everything is hard. I want this experience to become a total lifestyle change for me and not just a 12 week fling. No amount of junk food is worth a full and fun life !

This week I started taking some extra nutrition I got from the crew at Body Science. The protein powder tastes amazing and is the best on the market. Im also taking their multi-vitamin. Its packed with all the extras my body needs after the torture I've been putting it through. I understand supplements aren't for everyone but I do believe If you're training at a higher level your body needs to be well fuelled and there is nothing wrong with getting a little help from the best in the business !

I worked at different beaches through the week and WOW, didn't we have some weird days of weather !

Tamarama Thursday started like this:

Turned into this:

And finished with this:

Then on Saturday Bondi started like this:

And finished with this:

Also on Saturday I teamed up with fellow lifeguard Azza B in promoting a fun new craze thats sweeping the world called Gauswheeling. The Gauswheel is a cross between a Scooter and a Penny Farthing bicycle. I was hopeless on the thing as its a little tricky to pick up first time but some of the pro guys that ride these things were ripping the place apart. It was a fun morning watching the public (mainly kids) trying it out and making me look stupid !

On Saturday night my willpower was put to its greatest test since I started my 12WBT. I attended the engagement party of friend, fellow lifeguard and Ironman enemy Chris "Chappo" Chapman and his girlfriend Amy. The whole set out was amazing, located in the backyard of a house over looking the usually stunning but on this night windy Tamarama. They had delicious finger foods, fully serviced bar and a live band cranking out some rocking tunes. I prepared myself by having a healthy meal before we went and even gobbled down an apple in the car along the way. Once there I kept my drooling to a minimum as people like Whippet and Azza tried to tempt me with ice cold beers, piping hot crust pizzas and colourful cup cakes. To be honest, at the time I did feel a little rude, these wonderful people had welcomed me to their party to celebrate a very special chapter in their life and here I was saying no to it all but using the research I have done and the knowledge I have learned of whats best for my body I did have a glass of red wine and opted for the more healthier finger foods that came around. Sometimes to achieve your own goals you do need to feel a little selfish, its just a fact of life.

I woke Sunday morning to horrendous weather in Sydney, there was no way the Dragon Boats were going out in that weather so I jumped back to bed and enjoyed a very rare and well earned sleep in ! Later that day I was due for a showdown on the squash court with Deano, he beat me 3-0 the last time we played and I was hungry for a win. Kerr Box, Deano and myself have been playing squash against each other for the last 6 years and its always very competitive. We haven't played as much since Kerr Box snapped his Achilles playing about 2 years ago. He swears he will never play again but I still have hope. Squash is a fun game but is also an awesome way to get a sweat going. Todays game was a thriller but you will have to watch the video below to see who came up trumps :)

I know I ramble on a lot about how much I am enjoying training at Shift60 so to say sorry I'm going to pay for 2 people to come along with me for a "Super Saturday training Session there and experience it for themselves. Ill even shout the both of you a HEALTHY breakfast at one of Bondi's many delicious organic cafe's down the road after. All you need to do is shoot me an email saying "I WANNA SHIFT 60" to: " " and I will randomly select 2 people. Please don't feel intimidated as the shift 60 programmes cater to all levels of fitness. Obviously your gonna need to either live in the Sydney area or be able to be in Bondi on the Saturday morning chosen.

Coming into week 4 I have to do my 2nd fitness test to see how I've improved on week 1. Really looking forward to seeing where I am at ! My flatmate Angela has been going great guns also and I can't wait to see her improvements as well.

Thanks again for stopping by everyone.


Live your dreams !


  1. Your blog has inspired me, I put my trainers on to go and get fish and chips the other night ;-)

  2. Great blog! Very motivating. Showed my daughter the video on the farthing bicycle and her comment was 'u may need armor' lol she's 13 and loves her ripstick!! Lol Giulia

  3. Haha another awesome blog...and how fit does Deano look too :) well done for kicking his arse :P
    Keep up the good work Reidy

  4. If only Bondi wasn't so far away from Newcastle!! I would jump at the chance, because everytime you mention it, it motivates me even more!

    Well done on the engagement party evening too- goes to show that prior preparation is the key. And being your friends, I am sure they understand why you couldn't indulge in all they had to offer. I always tell my friends that I don't need to drink or eat to be social. :)

    Awesome photos too btw

    Love Kate from NEWY!

  5. Loved your blog, you're very easy to read and it flows very well! Your mate has an awesome name which I get called as well! Chappo! I'm Chapstick on the forum (another nick name). Keep up your awesome work! Your blog is great to read and I'll check in again later!!

  6. Your very motivational and seem to have amazing willpower. Hope it rubs off on me when I come back from hols. I love your pic of Bondi on a stormy day and have it as my phone screen. We are still watching the Bondi episodes in Scotland.
    Keep up the good work

  7. Hi Reidy

    Would love to offer you complimentary meals to help you with your 12 week body transformation!

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    Team Hexey