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Monday, 25 July 2011

Getting dressed for success !

After a big morning board training with the Junior Lifeguards from Tylosand I spent a couple of hours walking the beach with one of the lifeguards. It was a warm Saturday and the beach was starting to fill up. It was interesting to find out how they work and what it means for them to be lifeguards. Their lifeguarding practices are very similar to ours and if there are any differences it is only because of the conditions and environment. They all genuinely love what they do and are a blessing to society.

Later in the afternoon we again teamed up with my new Swedish lifeguard buddy Elise. He took us 2.5km out in the sea to jump 7m off this lighthouse that just stands out there. The conditions weren't that fun on the way out as the wind was against us and the currents out there were super strong, but we made it. After a few of us had a jump we headed back. Was a fun little chop chase.

We got a little spread in the paper with the local rag running a story on the rescue exhibition scoring a double page. I have a bad feeling the 2nd picture below will wind up as TP in the toilet.

Sunday morning we awoke to wind, rain and 30 or so nippers. The nippers here come from all around and just froth on the water. We got involved while they went through warm ups and tug of war, versus us (we lost) then the group split in 2 with the younger grommets doing some obstacle courses on the sand and the older kids hitting the waves on boards. Hang on, what waves you say ? There were some whipped up by strong winds out at sea, apparently there is a surf break just around the point called "Guest list rights". There are pictures of it, 4 - 6ft and firing, at the local surf shop. Considering they don't get waves consistently the kids handled the boards really well and revelled in the fun conditions. We wrapped things by branding them with Bondi Lenny the lifeguard tattoos, they were all smiles.

Finding out the band you used to dance around in your pyjamas with your sisters, was back playing is one thing. Getting asked to go see them live, just an hour away from where you're staying is another. Today was alway gonna be a good day ! After a fun afternoon board session we piled into the mini van with 3 of the Tylosand lifeguards and were headed to see Roxette in Goteborg. It was an awesome night, with a good crew of people. The music bought back many memories for me as a whipper snapper. Rock on Roxette !

It's our last day in Tylosand, going to be sad to say goodbye. The guys and girls here have been so welcoming and for that we are truly grateful. This afternoon we're going to push the heart rate up a little with an ironman in the bay with some of the crew from here. Conditions are looking good with light winds and warm water.

Tomorrow is a big day, 6am train to Copenhagen then fly to London followed by 5hr drive to Devon. Looking forward to meeting everyone over there for the Atlantic Watersports Games 2011. If anyone is already there, could you please start painting the sky blue for us ?

Cheers, big ears !


  1. Weather on the UK southcoast is lush today- hot & sunny :) Can you please put up ur UK schedule as my little boy is Maxi's biggest fan & I've promised I will try to bring him to see you guys whilst you're here?

    Have fun, safe journey over x

  2. Yeeeeew! Have a great last day in Halmstad, too bad you guys didn´t got better wheather during your stay here.

    Thanks to all of you who were so sweet and let me and my two friends take a bunch of photos of you guys :P

  3. I didn't know Roxette were still on the go. Sooo jealous! And Reidy's singing in the portaloo made my day!! Enjoy your last day over there and safe journey over here. West coast is the place to be fro the next week, lush weather right now :) x

  4. Laughed so hard at the toilet singing...that will come back to bite you on the bum!! Enjoy Devon, it is such a beautiful place & I am sure you will have a good time in the UK.

  5. Haha, watching you guys rocking to Roxette was awesome :P they've been big here in Sweden for all of this time, but now they're finally touring again after Marie fought of the cancer :)

  6. Come on guys and come out for little bit tonight at Leffes in Tylösand! It would be fun to see you guys again before you leave Sweden, had a blast in Tofta, Gotland Island :) Otherwise have a safe trip and tell everybodu Hello from me! Maybe Ill see you in Sydney soon! Take care!


  7. Sounds like you have had a good time in Sweden, accept the quite gray weather haha :D Anyway, it has been great that you have been here and to be honest... Too meet you guys the 22 of july, was the best thing ever! I am not joking! I hope that I'll see you all great guys again! But for now, good bye from Sweden and have a great time at the rest of your tour!

    And of course! Thanx for some awsome pictures and the signed papers that now have their own space at my wall :D
    Love Emma Hultman, Sweden

  8. Bugger Sweden - When are you guys coming to the capital? My housemates and I have discussed it at length, and we will happily take one for the team, steer you away from the nearest walkabout, and show you guys the bright lights of London town. Let us know where you are going to be!!

    Lots of love Jess, Georgie, Lara and Hari xxx

  9. Reidy,
    As requested I painted the Sky Blue in Bideford for your arrival :) It was beautifully clear and the sun was shining when I left work. Hope the drive wasn't too bad for you. Enjoy North Devon, I hope the sun continues to shine for you. x

  10. Welcome to the Uk! X

    Ps someone tell corey he's hot! X

  11. Hi,

    Is there any change you guys come to the netherlands?
    Good luck with the tour.

    x Sharon