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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Who likes roller coasters ?

We got a tip off Gothenburg had the best fair (amusement park) in the whole of Sweden so we had to check it out. Just a 10 min tram from central we arrived Liseberg. Its not cheap, they charge like a wounded bull but its well worth it, the place is off the hook ! We got there about 4pm and stayed till about 10:30pm. If you can avoid going in school holidays, do so, otherwise expect to spend a lot of your time queuing for rides ! 

I have to give a special mention to the "Haunted House" at this place ! Maxi said it was his favourite ride back in Oz and begged me and Troy to go with him. I was skeptical as most haunted house rides I've ever been on have been pretty average. After much hounding, we payed the extra 40 SEK and went in. No word of a lie, it was the best ride in the joint. You walk through all these different scary rooms and basically get the living crap scared out of you. But its also kinda fun, 2 thumbs up from me !

We opted for an early night in Goteborg as a big day down in Tylosand awaited, after the fair we smashed in a Kebab and hit the hay early.

Early nights are not my friend, I was wide awake at 4am. We hit our hotels (The first G) buffet breakfast like there was no tomorrow. The food at this place was amazing and the service was even better. If your heading to Goteborg anytime soon i highly recommend it ! 

Full of delicious Swedish meatballs we rolled downstairs to central station and jumped on the fast train to Halmstad. I really dig trains and the whole experience was fun for me.

Unfortunately we arrived to a not so sunny Tylosand beach where we got to meet the lifeguards and hit the water. The water over this side is a little warmer than the Baltic sea so our crew and a couple of the lifeguards from here went out and had a really good 3km beach run followed by 3km board paddle. Felt really good to be throwing the arms over, we even got a couple of fun waves was out the front. The lifeguard service over here is twice the size as Tofta and they also train all their junior lifeguards at the station. Im really looking forward to getting to know everyone here, learning how they work and having as much fun as on Gotland. I'm going to need all of you to do a little sun dance for us though. If my iPhone powered by TravelSIM is correct, mother nature isn't going to be kind to us over the next couple of days :(

We have a pretty exciting schedule ahead so hopefully I'll have an interesting read for you'll in a couple of days !

If not we'll all be singing this


*In my best Arnie Schwartz*


  1. Your photos are pretty awesome. Loving the ones of buildings, beaches etc and great to see you guys enjoying yourselves.
    Really enjoying your blog too. Very interesting.

  2. con reidy!are u visiting falkenberg??there is actully a beachvolley sm here this weekend!cmon!!

  3. Ahh Liseberg is the best!!! Haha really fun to see that you guys was there! XD

  4. Hey!
    One of the reasons of why it was so many at Liseberg that day is because it is the Gothia Cup (World's biggest youth soccer tournament) this week, so many decides to go to Liseberg and have some fun. But there are still lots of people there during school holidays so if you want to avoid long lines (queues), you should go to Liseberg during the low season!

    Take care and i hope i get to see you guys in Tylösand!

  5. Love You Guys ♥
    Megan from New York

  6. Hi Reidy,
    Am becoming addicted to your blog. Love the pics and videos!
    Am already looking forward to the next one.
    Yvonne from the Netherlands

  7. Hi :) I saw you in Visby but I didn't have the guts to come up to you. I regret that now because it would have been so cool to get a picture. Anyhow, I love your blog and the show. Hope you have a nice stay here in Sweden, and hope the weather gets better, if not you can always come to the northen parts of this country, today we had 27 degrees celsius outside up here :) Best wishes // Stina

  8. Loving the Blog Reidy! Looks like you guys are having the most incredible time! How the hell did you hold that camera on the roller coaster. Anyway, when you hit the UK you should go to either Alton Towers or Thorpe Park! They have some awesome Roller Coaster there! Keep up the Blogs, I'm getting rather addicted to them!

    Lucy from Suffolk. UK