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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tylosand & Gothenburg

Its been a fun last couple of days on Gotland island. 

We started the morning by putting the Gotland lifeguards through one of the physical tests we do in Australia. The M-shape course consists of (roughly) 2 x 250m swims, 2 x 250m runs and 2 x 250 boards going in and out of the surf break. The guys and girls from Gotland did really well. It was also good for us to do some serious physical training as our test back home will come around pretty quick and the Swedish beers aren't helping our cause !

After lunch Tord launched the big boat and we headed out to sea to try out an invention they are currently testing for bringing unconscious patients to the surface from a considerable depth. Its called a "Quicksave" and the idea came about when (founder) Asa Magnusson failed in an attempt to bring a 100kg unconscious man to the surface during her lifeguard tests. She said "It really made her upset that there wasn't an easier way" After playing around with it in the pool earlier that morning we were now out in the sea trying it a considerable depth. Maxi and Troy had a go and thought it worked really well. For more information, check the Quicksave website.

We had a couple of reporters come to the lifeguard station later in the day. They were writing a small piece on us being in Gotland and what we were doing here. It was a surprise to see Maxi's big boof head on the cover of both local newspapers the very next day with double page spreads inside each also. 

The weather really turned it on for our last day in Gotland. With very little wind and blue sunny skies the crowds were always going to flock. We spent some of the day, walking the beach with with our lifeguard counterparts. It was amazing to see how many people you can fit on a very narrow, 4km stretch of sand ! The lifeguards here do a fantastic job dealing with always changing weather conditions and large crowds. 

This morning we waved goodbye to sunny Visby, Gotland:

And said hello to grey Gothenburg ! 

I am currently kicking back in our Hotel called the The G (Gonzo is frothing on the name). The staff are super friendly and it's close to everything so we win, win ! The plan is to head down to the Gothenburg fair. Its meant to be a lot of fun, especially for the kids (Maxi & Troy) and it stays open till 11pm ! Tomorrow morning we hop on a train down to Halmstad to begin a weeks training and fun with the crew from the Tylosand Lifeguards.

I'd just like to take the last paragraph to say a huge THANK YOU to Tord and his Lifeguard family on Gotland island. They took us in, feed us, cared for us and showed us everything that makes Swedish people wonderful. We really are truly grateful and have grown as humans just for the experience ! Tack Tack Tack !

PS: If you need some cheering up, check out this video of Tommy. Tommy is from Finland originally but now lives and works in Sweden. Tommy also loves to have a laugh ! He made all of us laugh a lot while we were on Gotland.

Se er alla senare :)


  1. haha yep.. that's how we finnish are :D love to make fun of ourselves!

  2. Very accurate demonstration, that's EXACTLY how lifeguards are here in Finland! :D

  3. Your laugh is so funny. The best in the entire video!! Hahaha =)

  4. And I was afraid you guys didn't get to meet any Finns on your trip... :D Maybe next time some winter rescue practise in the Finnish (frozen) lakes?? Ice is no excuse to stop swimming around here. ;) Nice blog, by the way!

  5. Hahahaha, Can't stop laughing! That's exactly how we fins are! :D I'd love to come over to Sweden and meet you guys, you're so funny! :D

  6. Your laugh made the video! Soo funny! looks like a great trip :)